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 Aurora Rose Reynolds

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I never expected to wear a ring again. I never expected Chloe to have a ring for me to wear, so I’m overwhelmed with emotions as she slides a simple band onto my finger. I don’t even wait for his permission to kiss the bride. As soon as her eyes travel from the ring that is now on my finger up to lock with my eyes, I wrap a hand around her waist, bend her back over my arm, and take her mouth in a deep kiss.
“Thank you, Angel,” I whisper against her mouth.
“For what?” she whispers back, looking up into my eyes. The look in hers is so vulnerable and trusting that I know I have been given the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.
“You,” I grunt, overwhelmed with emotion as I pick her up and carry her to the elevator, ignoring the startled look from the chapel staff.
Chapter 7
As soon as I get the door to the suite open, I step through and kick it closed behind us, causing Chloe to laugh.
“How much do you love this dress?” I ask her, tossing her onto the bed. Then I quickly strip off my jacket and shirt before crawling on top of her.
“It was expensive,” she moans as my hand travels up her inner thigh then up the center of her pussy, feeling that the material of her panties is already soaked through.
“I could buy a million of these dresses. I just want to know how much you love it before I rip it off you.”
Her eyes close and her lips part as my fingers slide into the side of her panties. “I love it,” she breathes, making me smile.
“You love the dress or me touching your pussy, Angel?” I ask, and her hips shift.
It takes a moment for her to come back to herself, but when she does, her head lifts and our eyes lock.
“Both,” she moans, pressing her hips down, causing my fingers to slide into her.
“You better take it off then,” I growl, slowly my fingers move in and out of her, my thumb circling her clit.
“Stop,” she cries, and I shake my head, lift the front of her dress up, lower my face, and suck her pussy through the material of her panties.
“Take it off, Angel,” I snarl, biting the lips of her pussy.
“I can’t when you’re doing that!” she screams.
I slow down and lift up slightly as her shaky hands begin to shift her dress up and then pause.
“The back is buttoned,” she hisses.
“Interesting,” I mutter, flipping her to her stomach then climbing back between her legs.
Her hands go to the bed, putting her on all fours in front of me as I slowly begin unbuttoning her dress from the back of her neck down to her hips. As I carefully slide the fabric down her shoulders, I expose a lace bra the exact color of her flawless skin.
I run a finger from the back of her neck down to her lower back then back up again to trace the edge of the material before pulling her up with a hand under her waist so that she is kneeling in front of me. Her head leans back against my shoulder as her hands cover mine. It slides her dress off her body then back up to cup her breasts, twisting her nipples through the lacy material.
“This is pretty,” I whisper against her neck, looking down over her shoulder at her bra before pulling the straps down, exposing her breasts and watching as her already hard nipples become harder when they hit the cold air of the room.
“Thank you.” She smiles, lifting her hands up and behind her head to wrap around my neck.
“You’re welcome.” I smirk, gliding my hand down her stomach, into her panties, and through the lips of her pussy before slipping them inside her and using my fingers to pull her hips back. I press my hips towards her ass, my cock settling between her cheeks through the material of her panties and my dress slacks. “You’re soaked, Angel,” I tell her as I fuck into her pussy hard with my fingers. “Do you want to come?” I question, biting her shoulder, neck, and then her ear.
“Yes,” she says shakily.
“Give me your hand,” I demand, and she slowly lowers one hand down. I grab her wrist, intertwining our fingers before slipping our hands between her legs.
“Nolan,” she whispers, sounding unsure.
“Shhhh, Angel. Just feel,” I tell her, nipping her jaw.
Her head turns towards me, and I shove my tongue into her mouth while pushing her fingers inside her pussy. Her thighs begin to shake as I use my fingers and hand to control the pace. Then I pull my mouth from hers. Her eyes are at half-mast, her lips swollen and pink.
“Do you feel that, how wet you are?” I ask, pulling her fingers out and bringing them to her mouth. “Open,” I tell her, and her lips part as I press her fingers into her mouth. “You taste that? You taste more amazing than anything I have ever eaten in my life and sweeter than the sweetest honey,” I say, pulling her hand away and covering her mouth with mine as I pump our fingers into her again, her cries filling my mouth as her pussy convulses.
“Oh, God,” she whimpers as her pussy soaks my hand and her body slumps forward.
I gently lay her down and move so I can slip the dress off her completely before taking off the rest of my clothes. Once I’m undressed, I crawl back up onto the bed. She lifts her hips, and then she pulls her panties down, dragging them her legs before tossing them at me and opening her thighs, showing me the evidence of her arousal.
My girl has become so brave. It seems like just yesterday I popped her cherry.
I lift her ass to sit on my thighs and open the lips of her pussy with one hand, wrapping the other around my width, and groan. I’m in so much pain. My balls are so tight that I know I won’t last long, but the night is young. I also know she will not be getting much sleep tonight.
“Easy, baby,” I tell her as she tries to lift her hips so the head of my cock slides an inch inside.
I grab her hands and pull her up, lowering my hips before raising them slowly. There is nothing better than feeling the wetness of her pussy as she uses her inner muscles to grip my cock.
“You’re so fucking hot, baby. Fuck, your pussy feels like it’s on fire,” I groan, lowering my head so I can watch myself disappear into her heat.
“Nolan,” she cries, and her hands go to my shoulders, where her nails dig into my skin.
I lower her back onto the bed and fuck her, making sure I don’t go as deep as I normally would.
“Please,” she begs as I slow down.
“No, Angel, we need to be careful.”
“No, harder.” She claws at my back and begins to thrash under me.
I grab her hands and hold them next to her head so I can control her. “Calm down,” I snarl, rolling my hips towards hers, feeling my length drag along her inner walls as she ripples around me.