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 Aurora Rose Reynolds

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“I’m here, Beautiful,” I whisper into her ear, slowing my thrusts and pressing kisses to the skin of her neck, cheek, and mouth. Then I release her wrists and hold her face between my hands while resting on my elbows. As I look into her eyes, I remember I now own her in the eyes of God and the law. She is mine, now and forever.
How the fuck I got so lucky, I have no idea, but knowing who she is to me, what she means to our future, has my thrusts going deeper and harder. Her head goes tilts and her back arches off the bed as her fingers scrape down my skin, leaving marks. Her pussy begins to ripple, and I thrust two more times before bottoming out deep inside her.
“Fuck,” I roar, coming hard. My muscles relax and I slump forward, careful not to put pressure onto her lower stomach.
“I love you,” she whispers, and I gaze into her eyes. The love I see shining back at me solidifies that, as much as I own her, she owns me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Sleep, Angel,” I tell her, kissing her forehead then rolling to my side and pulling her into my arms.
When her breathing evens out, I turn off the lights and pick up my cell phone from the bedside table. The first thing I see is a message from my mom.
“You told her I’m pregnant?” is groggily whispered.
I look down at Chloe and fight back my smile when I see her glaring at me by the light from the phone.
“Oh my God!” she yells, grabbing the phone from my hand. “She called my mom!” she cries, sitting up in bed and looking at me over her shoulder.
I put my hands behind my head and cross my ankles, smiling. “I had to give her something. She was upset about the wedding.”
“So you told her I was pregnant? Do you realize what you’ve done? My mom and your mom are going to freak out.”
“They will be fine. Just let them plan the baby shower.”
“Let them plan the baby shower,” she mumbles, staring at the phone.
“Angel, it’s fine. Don’t worry.”
“Don’t worry?” she mutters under her breath.
I sit up and kiss her shoulder. “It will be okay,” I tell her, wrapping a hand around her waist.
“I think you’re delusional.” She shakes her head, handing me back my phone.
“I can’t believe you told them that I’m pregnant just so they would not freak out on you.”
“That is not why. I just wanted them to know. That way, they would have something else to look forward to.”
“Our mothers called me every day to talk about the wedding. Do you know what they are going to do now that they know I’m having a baby?”
“They are excited.”
“Yes, and now, I’ll never get a break ‘cause they are going to call or come over. I wouldn’t be surprised if my mom talks my dad into buying an RV so she can stay close…like ‘our driveway’ close,” she says, flopping back onto the bed.
“Your parents are not living in our driveway.” I frown.
“If you say so. They are probably already on their way to New York now.”
“No,” I deny, glaring at her.
“Hey, it’s not my fault you have a big mouth. Be mad at yourself. I mean, for all I know, your parents are moving in as well.”
“Our parents are not living with us.”
“Okay,” she mutters, and I see a smile twitch her cheek.
“Maybe we should just build onto the house and have both our parents move in. We do have plenty of land,” I suggest.
“What?” she shrieks, making me chuckle. “That’s not funny.” She rolls her eyes, and I pull her down to me, tucking her head under my chin.
“Everything will be okay.” I press a kiss to the top of her head.
“I know.” She yawns, and I pull the blanket up over us.
Nothing matters anymore but us, and I know we will always be okay.
“Mom, calm down. What happened?” I ask, pulling my phone from my ear slightly so I can understand her better.
“Chloe!” she cries, and my stomach drops.
“What happened to Chloe?”
“She was almost run over and fell. We called an ambulance.”
“What do you mean ‘she was almost run over’?” I growl.
“We were leaving the baby store and she was getting into the car when a motorcycle came down the sidewalk and almost ran her over. She got out of the way, but she fell and hit her head against a parking meter.”
“Where is she now?”
“In the ambulance.”
“Jesus. Where are you exactly?” I roar as I run out of my office.
We haven’t even been home for a week. Since we’ve been back, our mothers have been keeping her busy with shopping and constant nagging about what is good for her and the baby. I was planning to go home tonight and force everyone out of our house so that I could get some alone time with Chloe, where we could just enjoy the fact that she’s pregnant. Life has been so consuming that I forgot Chloe was in danger and we have something to be concerned about.
“We’re at Bu and the Duck, near Church Street.”
“I’m on my way!” I shout into the phone as I head out of the lobby.
Just as I’m about to hail a cab, Ricket pulls around the corner in my car. I open up the backdoor and hop in.
“I need to get to Bu and the Duck on Church Street.”
“I know, sir,” Ricket says, and I pull of my suit jacket, tossing it across the back seat.
“How did this happen?”
“I don’t know, sir. I found out when her mother called me.”
“Her mom called you?” I ask, looking at him in the rearview mirror.
His eyes connect with mine as he nods before looking back at the road. “She said you would need to be picked up and where they were at.”
“Did she say anything else?”
“No, sir. She was distraught.”
“Yeah,” I mumble, looking out the window.
It takes less time than normal to make it across town. Once we reach the block my mom told me they were at, I see cop cars and a crying Chloe sitting in the open door of an ambulance. I don’t even wait for the car to come to a complete stop before I jump out and head straight for her. When I’m almost at her side, a police officer steps in front of me and nearly gets punched in the face as I try to get around him.
“This is her husband,” my mom says as I fight with the cop to get by.
The cop looks at her and releases the hold he has on my upper arm, letting me get to Chloe.