Lawful Lover
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 Tina Folsom

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New York was a fantastic city and there was a lot to see, but he’d lived here most of his life so he took most of it for granted. “I have to call the office and let them know I won’t be in today.”
Sabrina beamed at him.
Daniel laughed. This feeling right now, the feeling of sheer joy and all-consuming love, knowing that he could make her happy simply by agreeing to spend time with her was like an aphrodisiac. It was better than any drug on the street.
He’d known immediately that Sabrina wasn’t like any of his other girlfriends, and she’d once again proven it. She wasn’t making unreasonable demands on him. He loved her for it and wondered if he’d ever be able to find enough words to tell her. A simple “I love you” didn’t come close to expressing how he truly felt about the woman in his arms.
“Okay, I’m going to shower and get dressed while you call the office,” she said.
He pulled her tight to his body. His hands slid down her back and palmed her backside, grabbing it and yanking her against him.
“Make it fast, before I drag you back to bed.”
Then he slapped her ass playfully and allowed her to peel herself out of his embrace. Soon enough, he’d whisk her away to someplace private, someplace where the only option was to stay in bed and make love all day.
While Sabrina showered, he quickly changed out of his suit and into something more comfortable: jeans and a polo shirt. Then he went into the kitchen and placed a call to his office. His schedule today, like most days, was full, and on top of it he was constantly putting out one fire after another. Every time he thought things were running smoothly, something else would come up. He’d be glad when this deal was finalized.
“Daniel Sinclair’s office. How may I help you?” Frances, his executive assistant answered after the second ring.
“Frances, it’s Daniel.”
“Good morning, Mr. Sinclair.” Her voice was pleasant, and even though he couldn’t see her, he knew she was smiling.
“I’ve had something come up and I won’t be coming into the office today. Please reschedule my meetings.”
“Oh, okay. I hope everything is all right.” The disappointment in her voice was evident.
“Yes, everything is fine. I’m not to be disturbed today, Frances, unless it’s an absolute emergency. Things can wait until I return tomorrow.” His voice was firm and left no room for argument.
“Yes, sir.”
Daniel ended the call and a moment later, Sabrina came walking out of the bedroom. Damn, she was fast. He’d never met a woman who could get ready as quickly as she did. She was dressed in a simple purple sundress with white sandals. He let his gaze roam over her body and linger on her long, shapely legs.
“Is this okay?” she asked.
He walked to her and caressed her cheek. “You look beautiful as always, Sabrina.” She took his breath away every time he looked at her.
She blushed. “Thank you.”
God, he loved it when she blushed like that. And he loved knowing he was the one responsible for putting that color into her cheeks. “Are you ready?”
Nodding, she answered, “Yes.”
Daniel took her hand and laced his fingers with hers as he led her out of the apartment. “Is there anything specific you want to see?”
“Surprise me.”
He laughed. “That I can do.”
Sabrina looked at him with so much excitement in her eyes it was like watching a kid on Christmas morning. Her enthusiasm was contagious.
“The Met is my favorite place in the city.” He squeezed her hand. “Let’s start there.”
Sabrina smiled and nodded, gently clutching his arm and walking beside him down the sidewalk. Neither of them spoke, and Daniel couldn’t take his eyes off her. Seeing her experience his city with him pleased him immensely.
A short cab ride took them to the Metropolitan Museum. He couldn’t wait to show Sabrina the museum and his favorite exhibits.
They entered through the main entrance on Fifth Avenue and Eighty-Second Street. The lighting was dim except for the natural sunlight that filtered through the windows. It was this dimness, this ambience, that Daniel found comforting and familiar.
He came here whenever he needed to be alone and think. The familiarity of these walls had offered him solace when he’d dealt with difficult situations. He found strolling through the galleries calming and peaceful.
Before today, Daniel had never visited the Met with any of his girlfriends. He’d never had the desire to share this part of his life with anyone. But Sabrina was different. He wanted to share everything with her.