Lawful Lover
Page 12

 Tina Folsom

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As was to be expected on a mid-week morning, there were plenty of tourists around. It was always easy to spot them, as they were the ones who rushed through the museum, trying to take in everything all at once, afraid if they slowed down or stopped they would miss something. Ironically, by rushing, they missed everything.
Daniel directed Sabrina toward the Egyptian wing. But she tugged on his hand, stopping him. “Don’t we have to pay for admission?” Sabrina nodded toward the ticket booth.
He smiled. Daniel was a member, giving a very large monthly donation that allowed him to visit whenever he wanted. He opened his mouth to tell her that, but then quickly closed it.
“You’re right. Wait here. I’ll be right back.”
He walked to the ticket booth, paid the regular admission price for two, and was given two aluminum Metropolitan pins—the signature “ticket” for anyone who’d paid admission. He didn’t have to do this, but he wanted Sabrina to have a memento of her first visit to the Met and of their time here together. It was a memory he was making with Sabrina, and as such priceless.
Sabrina was waiting for him near the information desk. She held a brochure in her hand. “Did you know they have all sorts of classes and activities throughout the year?”
“Yes.” He found himself smiling again—a condition he couldn’t seem to control when he was around her. “Here’s your ticket.”
She took the pin and turned it around in her hand, inspecting it. “I love it.”
Daniel put his hand on her lower back and ushered her farther into the museum. “We’re off to Ancient Egypt.”
They lingered in the Egyptian wing, which was brightly lit compared to the entryway they’d come through. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust. Normally, he was completely enthralled with looking at the treasures of the museum, but today, all he could focus on was Sabrina. He was awestruck by the way she looked around, her eyes wide and full of appreciation. Walking around the indoor lake that surrounded the Temple of Dendur, Daniel pointed out all of the different gods and goddesses that kept watch.
“What’s with all the coins in the lake?” she asked, peering down into the glassy water.
“Every coin signifies a wish,” he explained.
“Do you believe in it?”
Her question took him by surprise. He fumbled for a response that wouldn’t make him sound jaded, because the truth was, he didn’t believe in any of it. People made their own destinies, and wishing for things in a magic lake was something people did when they didn’t have the balls to make it happen on their own.
However, he kept his thoughts to himself, not wanting to burst her bubble, figuring she wanted to believe in the magic of it. The romantic in her was showing, and he didn’t want to do anything to make that side of her retreat.
“Let’s find out,” he said, digging into his pocket for some change. “Make a wish.”
“I wish this day would never end.”
Daniel hesitated tossing the coin in and glanced at her. “You know that’s a wish that can never possibly come true, right?” He cocked an eyebrow. “How are we supposed to test this theory when you’re making wishes that are scientifically and physically impossible?”
Sabrina’s soft laugh filtered through the massive hall and wrapped around his heart, squeezing the breath from him. What he wouldn’t give to drag her into a dark corner right now and show her just how much he loved her.
“Okay, how about… I wish for us to always be as happy as we are right now.”
Daniel looked at her, their gazes connecting, fusing. She could have wished for anything, a piece of jewelry, a lottery win, yet she’d wished for their happiness never to end.
The coin fell carelessly into the lake as he reached for her. “That’s not something you need to wish for, Sabrina, because I promise to spend every day making you happy.”
“Then I guess my wish will come true,” she said, before she kissed him.
It was a kiss that was probably too long, and definitely too hot for a public place. But Daniel didn’t care. He wanted the world to know that Sabrina was his and his alone. Reluctantly, he pulled away.
“Come, there’s still a lot left to see and if you kiss me like that again, the only thing you’ll be seeing is the inside of our bedroom.”
Sabrina nodded and took his hand. He forced himself to tear his eyes away from her, and focused instead on leading her through the Great Hall and into Greek and Roman Art, where they stayed for a brief time before meandering through Modern Art, and then into the Medieval wing.