Lawful Lover
Page 13

 Tina Folsom

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The Arms and Armor room was Daniel’s favorite. All the knights mounted upon their noble steeds, ready for the inevitable battle, made him feel at home, like they were kindred spirits. All his life, he’d felt like it was him against the world—always fighting to get ahead in business, fighting to keep the shallow, gold-digging women away from him and his fortune. The sense of accomplishment and victory he felt when in this room was unlike anything else.
Daniel continued to show Sabrina around the Met, letting her stop and linger anywhere she pleased. He was content to just watch her as she fell in love with so many of the things that he was fond of, too.
By the time they left, Daniel noticed that Sabrina’s eyes were damp with unshed tears. Concern slammed into him. “Sabrina… what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”
“I’m not.” She smiled. “This place is just so overwhelming. So much history and passion. Thank you for taking the time to show it to me.”
“There’s nothing I would have rather done.” He gave her a warm smile. “Where to now?”
“Surprise me again.” Sabrina looped her arm through his and rested her head on his shoulder.
He kissed her forehead and began to walk in the direction of Central Park. He was in the mood to have her all to himself for a while.
Sabrina’s feet were killing her, but she would never complain to Daniel. After all, he’d skipped work to spend time with her, and there was no way she would thank him for it by nagging. The visit to the Met had been an amazing experience, and she’d discovered a different side of Daniel. Sabrina wasn’t overly fond of museums, but after Daniel had shared his extensive knowledge and passion for the various exhibits with her, she had a new appreciation for them.
“How about we go get some lunch?” Daniel suggested.
“Sounds great.”
He held her hand as they walked. It was such a mundane, simple gesture, but it meant a lot to her: it gave her the feeling of belonging, of togetherness. And she’d missed that in the last few days with Daniel spending so much time in the office.
“There’s a great little bistro not too far from here.”
“Sounds wonderful.” She smiled at him.
At the bistro they managed to snatch an outside table, and Sabrina sighed with relief as soon as she was off her feet. Sitting down had never felt this good before.
A petite waitress, who looked like she was no more than seventeen, handed them menus and took their drink orders, then went inside with a bounce in her step. Before Sabrina could even glance at the menu, she felt Daniel reach under the table and lift her right foot.
“What are you doing?” she asked, her breath hitching.
He grinned, removed her sandal, and began to massage her foot. “You look like you could use a little massage.”
The memory of the massage he’d given her during their trip to Sonoma raced through her mind. God, he was good with his hands. It had been so hot and exciting that he’d nearly made her come without ever touching her sex. Sabrina dropped her head back, closed her eyes, and groaned with satisfaction, letting the memories of that weekend reign freely in her mind. What she wouldn’t give to go back there with him and relive every second.
“Feel better?” His voice was husky, sexy, and it stoked her desire for him to a new high.
“Yes, that feels really good.” Then again, any time Daniel’s hands were on her felt good. They were strong, yet gentle and loving. “Everything you do feels good.” Her eyes swept over him, and she couldn’t stop herself from imagining what would happen if he slid his hands higher up her leg.
“You keep looking at me like that and we’re going to get arrested for indecent behavior.” He reached for her other foot and repeated the process of massaging it as he had the first one.
“As long as they put us in the same cell… ”
He chuckled. “I’m not sure I’d want to explain to my parents that we can’t come to see them this weekend, because we’re in jail.”
Sabrina instantly felt herself tensing. Meeting Daniel’s parents terrified her. She was worried that they wouldn’t like her, and that their opinion would influence how Daniel felt about her. After all, their relationship was so new anything could lift it out of its hinges.
“Relax, Sabrina. I’ve told you, they’re going to love you.”
“I know.” She sighed. “I promise to stop worrying about it.” Though it was a promise she doubted she could keep, even though for Daniel’s sake she was going to try.