Lawful Lover
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 Tina Folsom

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“Yes?” she answered the call.
“I’m sorry to disturb you again, Miss Palmer. It’s Harvey again.”
“Yes, Harvey? Who is coming now?”
“Nobody, but I’m afraid the mover’s truck is parked at the incorrect loading dock and has to move. A larger truck is trying to get in and can’t. Can you please send one of the men down and have him move the truck to dock B instead of A? I’d very much appreciate it.”
“Of course,” she said and disconnected the call.
Frustrated that this meant that there would be even more of a delay until all her things were unloaded, she approached the man who seemed to be the leader of the moving team. “Excuse me?”
He turned to her. “Yes?”
“Security just called from downstairs. You’ll have to move your truck to the other loading dock. It’s blocking a larger truck that’s trying to get in.”
The man scratched his head, then he called out to one of his colleagues. “Hey, Frank, can you move the truck?”
“Now?” the man replied.
“Now. Just move it to the other loading dock.”
As the man left, Sabrina felt exhaustion crash in over her. Sure, she wasn’t the one carrying the boxes, but the prospect of having to unpack them and find space for all her things overwhelmed her.
In addition, she constantly worried that the movers might damage some of Daniel’s expensive items. The furniture looked virtually unused, and the shelves and tables displayed priceless pieces of art, sculptures, and paintings.
Sabrina looked around the apartment and felt the stress physically. She’d never lived in a place like this, where everything seemed new and expensive, where she was afraid to touch anything for fear of damaging it. Did people in New York really live like this? Well, clearly the rich ones did, and even though she’d known that Daniel was rich, until now she hadn’t really grasped what this meant.
When she heard the elevator alight on her floor again, she turned to the open entrance door. To her surprise, it was Daniel who walked out of the elevator.
“Daniel! You’re home early,” she greeted him.
He approached her, pulled her into his arms and pressed a kiss on her lips. “Looks like the movers finally arrived, huh?”
“About time too,” she said as they walked inside. “But what’re you doing home so early?”
Daniel set his briefcase on the floor and pulled her into his arms once more. “I left work early because I missed you.”
Sabrina put her arms around his neck and smiled. “I missed you, too.”
“I want to make love to you, Sabrina.” He kissed the sweet spot on her neck just below her ear, and she moaned softly. “I want to kiss every inch of your body, and I want to taste you.”
He brought his mouth to hers, his intent to kiss her evident, but before their lips met, one of the movers squeezed by them.
“Excuse me,” he said and pushed the dolly past them.
Wiggling out of Daniel’s arms, Sabrina tried to hide her disappointment. “I’m sorry, Daniel, I’m afraid that’s really bad timing.”
Daniel looked around the apartment. All he’d wanted was to come home and sink into Sabrina’s sweet body, to make her scream his name as he made her come, to find warmth in her arms. It was clear that this wasn’t going to happen any time soon. So he decided to do the only thing he could to speed things along: he helped the movers get things settled.
Luckily, there were only a few boxes left, and once those were brought in and the movers left, he helped Sabrina unpack the boxes that littered the apartment.
Sabrina was like an Energizer bunny, moving from room to room, unpacking one box and putting its contents away, then moving on to the next one without stopping or pausing to take a breath. She seemed to have an abundance of energy. He only wished that they could put this energy to better use than unpacking boxes.
When she approached yet another box, he followed her.
“Take a break, Sabrina,” he suggested and wrapped his arms around her from behind.
She leaned into him, sighing. “I had no idea I had so much stuff. Honestly, it didn’t look like that much when I packed it.” She turned her head, looking at him apologetically.
He glanced at the remaining boxes. “It’s much less than I expected. But then—” He winked at her. “—you’ve always been a no-frills kind of woman. And I love that about you.”
His ex-girlfriend Audrey had been a high-maintenance woman. Just thinking that Audrey could have moved in with him instead, made him shudder in horror. She would have brought her interior designer with her first, before even contemplating a move.