Lawful Lover
Page 9

 Tina Folsom

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“I’m not like those other women you dated.”
“Thank God you’re not. You wouldn’t be you otherwise.” He massaged his hands over her torso, sliding to her back and shoulders. As he kneaded them, she dropped her head forward.
“Oh, that’s good.”
“Just relax a bit. Moving is stressful enough.” As he continued to massage her shoulders, he shifted his groin forward and rubbed himself against her backside, taking away an ache of an altogether different nature.
“Oh, Daniel, what are you trying to do?” she murmured.
“What’s it feel like?” he whispered back.
Sabrina ground her backside against him. Then one hand slid along his thigh as if she tried to press him harder to her. “It feels like you’re trying to seduce me.”
“Is it working?” He pressed his cock harder against her ass cheeks.
A sigh escaped her lips. “You’re very bad, trying to distract me from unpacking.”
“Everybody needs a little break now and then.” And he’d rather have this break now than later. He slid his hand to her jeans. “I wish you were wearing a dress.”
“Why?” she asked, but her provocative tone told him she already knew the answer to her question.
“Because then I could just lift it and slip your panties down.”
“And then?” she asked, her voice breathless.
“Then I’d bend you over one of those boxes and thrust into you.”
He slipped one hand between her legs, rubbing against her sex.
“Maybe it’s a good thing then, that I’m wearing jeans, otherwise we’ll never finish unpacking tonight.”
“You sure?” he asked, grinding his cock against her from behind.
“Yes,” she said, then sighed. “Daniel?”
“Do you think this will work?”
He glanced at the boxes. “Of course. There’s plenty of space in the closets and you can always put any overflow into the guest bedroom. Don’t worry—”
“No, I mean us. Do you think it will work with us?”
Daniel turned her in his arms and looked into her eyes. Tenderly, he caressed her cheek. “It will. I promise you. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never wanted a woman to move in with me.” Then he winked. “And I’ve never desired a woman like I desire you. I’ve never been so constantly hard with any woman as with you.”
She chuckled. “I’m afraid we don’t have time for that right now.” She smiled at him mischievously. “You could always take a cold shower to take care of it.”
Playfully, he narrowed his eyes at her. “I doubt it’s gonna work.”
Yeah, he’d tried the whole cold shower thing when they’d spent a weekend in Sonoma, and Sabrina had insisted on them not having sex. It hadn’t worked at all. In fact, he was convinced he’d come out of the shower hornier than going in.
Sabrina laughed, pulling him from his erotic thoughts. “As soon as I’m finished unpacking, I’m all yours.”
“Well, let’s not dilly dally then. We’ve got work to do. As you know, I’m not a very patient man when it comes to you.”
Several hours later, Sabrina was putting the last of her things into the bedroom closet. One look at her, and he knew she was exhausted. No wonder. It had been a long day. And it wasn’t over yet. She’d promised him to be his tonight, and he was hungry for her now. It was all he’d been able to think about all day.
Clearly wiped, Sabrina plopped down on the bed and yawned. “Thank God that’s finally done.”
Daniel looked down at her. Leaning over, he kissed her lips, softly at first, then harder, deeper, more demanding. It was a promise of what was to come. When he pulled away, her beautiful lips were red and swollen from his kiss. The sight made him hard, and his cock strained painfully against his zipper, demanding to be set free.
“I’ll take a quick shower, and then I’ll come to bed, okay?”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
He walked into his en-suite bathroom and undressed, tossing his clothes onto the hamper, before stepping into the oversized shower. He turned on the water and stood beneath the spray, letting the hot water sluice over his body and washing the stress of the day down the drain. His thoughts were focused solely on Sabrina and his need to make love to her.
His cock jutted out proudly, ready for her. Ready to be buried inside of Sabrina’s warm and welcoming body. His fingers itched to touch her, to explore every soft inch of her skin. His lips tingled with the need to taste her lips.