The Heat is On
Page 21

 Elle Kennedy

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Matt clenched his teeth. When Savannah’s lips parted to wrap around Aidan’s tip, simultaneous jolts of arousal and jealousy struck him. He didn’t want to be turned on watching Savannah blow someone else, but he was.
Lowering his hand to his throbbing erection, he stroked himself slowly while Savannah worked on his friend. Aidan groaned in approval, rocking his hips to meet Savannah’s lips. He moved backwards toward the bed, slipped out of her mouth and sank onto the mattress.
Savannah promptly climbed up too and continued to lick at him eagerly. After a few seconds, she lifted her head and turned to Matt. “Are you just going to stand there?” Her voice came out in a teasing drawl.
Still gripping his shaft, he walked over to the bed and stared at her enticing bottom. The way she was bent over Aidan left her most secretive areas fully exposed to him. Matt’s mouth went dry as he stared at her moist pink slit and the puckered ring of her ass. He moved toward her as if pulled by a magnet.
Savannah squeaked in delight when she felt his hands on her cheeks, spreading them wider. Using the tip of his index finger, Matt stroked her pu**y, groaning when moisture coated his fingers.
Savannah thrust her ass out even higher. “Please.” The pleading note to her voice made him smile.
“Don’t be cruel,” Aidan laughed from the bed. “Give her what she wants, bro.”
Sinking to his knees, Matt leaned forward and dragged his tongue along her damp flesh, eliciting a desperate whimper from Savannah’s mouth. It came out muffled, what with Aidan’s c**k deep in her throat. Forcing every drop of jealousy from his body, Matt focused on pleasing his woman. He licked her up like an ice cream cone, then thrust his tongue deep inside her. As he started suckling on her clit, he pushed two fingers into her and f**ked her with them. When he felt her muscles clamp around his fingers, he quickly withdrew. She deserved to be teased a little.
On the bed, Aidan let out a ragged moan and gently moved Savannah’s head away. “Not yet,” he ground out. “I want to come inside you, honey.”
Savannah let Matt give her one more swipe of the tongue, then sat up and turned to meet his eyes. The expression on her face sent a bolt of desire straight to his cock. Her cheeks were pink, her lips wet from sucking Aidan, and her eyes glazed and heavy-lidded.
“Are you having fun?” he couldn’t help but taunt.
She nodded slightly. Her gaze traveled to his erect cock. “Come here,” she said in a throaty voice.
He stood up and moved toward her. She took him into her mouth and he almost keeled over from the sensation. Aidan slid up so he was sitting behind Savannah, wrapping his muscular arms around her so he could cup her firm br**sts with his palms. As Savannah’s tongue danced along his shaft, Matt’s eyelids fluttered. He forced his eyes to stay open, to watch the way Aidan’s fingers played with Savannah’s rigid ni**les. Fuck, that was hot.
His reluctance was slowly dissolving like a teaspoon of sugar in water. This wasn’t as painful as he’d thought it would be. Aidan knew how to please a woman, and judging by Savannah’s muffled moans she obviously enjoyed the way the other man fondled her br**sts. Matt was as hard as a rock, eager to fill Savannah’s ass with his c**k at the same time another man penetrated her tight pu**y.
Savannah nibbled on his tip and another groan slid from his mouth. No, this encounter wasn’t awkward or painful at all. Here he was, with a good friend of his, the woman he loved, and the chemistry between the three of them was out of this—
The woman you love?
It was a miracle his dick didn’t go soft at that moment. The appearance of the L-word in his brain shocked the living hell out of him. Was he in love with her? How was that possible? His gaze swept over her flushed face, those perfect br**sts and tanned skin and tousled blonde hair. He loved seeing her arousal, loved the little sounds of pleasure she made in the back of her throat. He wanted her to feel good. He wanted to make her happy.
A woman’s happiness had never mattered to him before. He hadn’t cared about long discussions, or movie dates, or dropping by a woman’s place of business to take her to lunch.
But he cared about all that now.
Fuck, he was actually in love.
The newfound emotion brought a rush of pleasure to his body. Suddenly he needed to be inside her, some primal urge to claim her taking over. Pulling his dick out of her mouth, he strode over to the bedside table, yanked open the drawer and grabbed the box of condoms he’d stashed in there the other day. He took out a tube of lubrication too and set that down on the bed, then removed two square packages from the box, tossed one to Aidan and ripped the other open so he could sheath himself.
“Who do you want in your ass?”
Savannah had been caressing Aidan’s balls as he put on the condom, and she looked up in surprise at Matt’s gruff inquiry. At her obvious hesitation, he shot her a mocking smile. “This is your show, darlin’. Tell us what you want.”
Her face pink with excitement, Savannah answered his question with actions rather than words. Straddling Aidan, she lowered herself onto his waiting erection, moaning as she fully seated herself. Matt’s chest tightened with pure heat as she bent forward and pushed her ass up in the air in invitation.
He didn’t need to be asked twice.
Coming up behind her, he widened his stance, then picked up the lube and squeezed a generous amount onto his hand. As Aidan thrust upwards to meet Savannah’s frenzied movements, Matt slathered lube on his shaft then squirted more in his palm and got Savannah nice and slick. When his tip rubbed her tender opening, she cried out in delight and wiggled against him.