The Heat is On
Page 22

 Elle Kennedy

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“Slow down, honey,” Aidan murmured huskily, planting his hands on her slender hips to steady her. “Let him work his way in.”
Matt’s entire body burned with red-hot lust as he eased into that tight rosette. He reined himself in, gritting his teeth to stop from coming right there and then. It felt like an iron fist squeezing his cock. His head lolled to the side. Fuck. So good. No way was he lasting more than a minute.
While Aidan kept Savannah still, Matt moved in and out, slowly going deeper at each lazy drive of his cock. When his entire length was buried inside her, all three of them groaned. And then they started to move.
Savannah wondered if it was possible to die from sheer ecstasy. She’d been with two men before, but Matt and Aidan were by far better endowed than her previous lovers. She felt unbelievably filled as their cocks slid in and out of her. Her pulse hammered in her ears, her breathing growing labored as she rode Aidan. Behind her, Matt kept to an excruciatingly slow pace. She knew he was allowing her to get used to the sensations, but his languid movements drove her crazy.
Twisting her head, she met his eyes and issued a breathy command. “Faster. Please.”
His features taut with desire, he offered a quick nod, then plunged into her so hard she cried out with pleasure that bordered on pain. Beneath her, Aidan’s dark eyes glimmered with unrestrained heat. “That’s it, honey, f**k me harder.”
It was too much. Every muscle in her body was coiled tight, like a rattlesnake ready to pounce. She needed to come so badly she could barely breathe, definitely couldn’t form any coherent thoughts, either.
“Rub her clit,” came Matt’s hoarse demand.
Savannah’s vision went hazy as Aidan reached between them and captured her clit between his fingers, rolling it gently. She sagged forward, nearly drowning in the incredible waves of bliss pulsing through her. Aidan’s c**k stretched her aching core, while Matt was buried so deep in her ass she didn’t know where she started and they ended. In the back of her mind, she realized it was not Aidan, but Matt she was more focused on. She was listening to his labored breathing, feeling his hands digging into her hips, groaning each time his erection slid into her. Aidan’s fingers between her legs felt incredible, his hard body beneath hers was pleasurable, but only when she focused on Matt did she feel the ripples of impending orgasm dance low in her belly.
Since now wasn’t the time to question that revelation, she closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment. Her muscles tightened, contracted, coiled again and then seemed to snap apart as release crashed into her. Every inch of her body tingled with little pulses of heat. Pleasure sizzled through her veins, infusing into the tips of her ni**les, her clit, her core.
As she came apart, she felt more than heard each man lose control. Aidan’s cry was huskier, more restrained, while Matt gave a guttural groan that sent shivers through her. She was nearly panting as the two men shuddered inside her, as Matt tenderly caressed her hips and Aidan continued to brush his fingers over her clit.
“Holy shit,” Aidan swore when their heavy breathing finally grew quiet. One hand touched Savannah’s chin. “Honey, that was first-class.”
She managed an exhausted smile. “Right back at you.”
Her body suddenly felt empty as Matt pulled out of her ass, followed by Aidan’s gentle withdrawal. She rolled off Aidan, smiling again when she watched him hop off the bed and fumble on the floor for his clothes. “I should get going,” he said absently.
Evidently he wasn’t a cuddler. She admired the attitude, though. He’d gotten what he wanted and now he was taking off. Right to the point. She liked that.
“Thanks for coming over,” she murmured.
He laughed softly. “I should be thanking you. You were amazing.” He glanced over at Matt, who was slipping into his boxers. “Thanks for having me, bro.”
Matt just shrugged. “Anytime.”
Savannah wondered if that meant he wanted Aidan to play with them again. The thought made her stomach a little unsettled. Aidan was insanely cute and definitely talented in bed, but during those last few moments before her orgasm, Matt had been the only man on her mind, the only one she’d been concentrating on. She wasn’t sure why that happened, or how she even felt about it.
“I’ll walk you out,” Matt said to his buddy.
With another dimpled grin, Aidan offered a cute “Later, Savannah” and followed Matt toward the front door. She heard the door open, close, then lock, and when Matt appeared at the foot of the bed a moment later, he had a wry expression on his handsome face.
“You okay?” she teased. “Or did we wear you out?”
“I’m fine.” He cleared his throat awkwardly. “So listen…”
A startling combination of hope and disappointment clamored inside her. He was going to break it off with her. This threesome had evidently been too much for him. He’d only been pretending to enjoy it, but now that his friend was gone, he was going to tell her that he didn’t want to be with someone as slutty as she was. Awful as it was, it was what she’d been trying to achieve by suggesting this little ménage, yet a part of her was a tad disappointed that it had been so easy, childish as that was.
“Savannah, I think I’m falling in love with you.”
Even though she was lying down, she almost fell over. “What?”
“You heard me,” he said gruffly.
“You…I…of course you’re not.” She sat up abruptly. “That’s silly.”