A Beautiful Mess
Page 58

 T.K. Leigh

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She looked into his eyes and grabbed his hand, shoving it in her panties, hoping he would get the hint about what she wanted.
“I want you to say it,” he whispered in her ear as he started to tease her clit. “Say it, Olivia.”
Her breathing grew heavier as he continued to torture her. She felt as if she was about to explode.
“Come on, Love,” he said, planting gentle kisses across her collarbone, his lips on her skin igniting the flames coursing through her body. “Say it,” he pled. He needed to hear it. He needed her to beg him. It was what he craved. It was how he could remain in control.
He slowly removed his hand from her panties and Olivia was left panting, ready to burst without his touch. “FINE!” she screamed, her breathing heavy. “I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!!!” She couldn’t take it anymore. “God damn it! Don’t make me beg!” He was so exasperating.
“I like it when you beg,” he said, crushing his mouth to hers as his hand quickly pushed her panties down. Before she knew what was happening, Alexander pushed two fingers inside her. “Fuck!” Olivia moaned. He continued to rub her clit while he slowly teased her inside as well. She felt like she was going to explode.
Alexander needed to be inside of Olivia. He removed his fingers, leaving her wanting, and rid himself of his clothes. He wrapped his arms around Olivia’s naked body, pressing his lips against hers again. He didn’t think he would ever tire of kissing her. She gasped when she felt his arousal rubbing against her clit. He led her to the bed, his lips not moving from hers.
Pulling back the duvet, he lowered her down and stared at her, overwhelmed with a feeling he was scared to label. “Olivia, darling. You are one beautiful woman,” he said, licking his lips. “I’m going to show you how much of a treasure you truly are, Love.”
“Stop staring. You’re making me self-conscious,” she said, covering her naked body with the duvet.
“Oh, don’t you dare,” Alexander replied, crawling on top of her. She tilted her head toward him, their mouths meeting. Alexander pushed his knee between Olivia’s legs, opening them. She wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling his erection against her cleft. She was eager to feel him inside her.
Alexander growled, pulling back as he hovered over her, admiring the beautiful woman lying sprawled out in front of him. He leaned down on his elbows and entered her slowly.
“Oh, God,” Olivia moaned as he filled her, stretching her to match his size. It was such an amazing feeling. He hadn’t even moved yet, but the simple act of him being inside her made her want to explode.
He slowly withdrew. “NO!” Olivia cried out on the brink of becoming unhinged.
“I want this to last, Love. I felt that, you know,” he smirked. “You’re ready to come already, aren’t you?”
She threw her arm across her eyes, wanting to hide from him. She was embarrassed that he could make her fall apart so quickly. She felt him lean down. Circling her nipple with his tongue, he slowly entered her again, causing Olivia to convulse around him, screaming out his name, her orgasm catching her by surprise.
“Fuck!” he exhaled, smiling, his mouth covering hers as he continued thrusting into her. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you come again,” he said breathlessly. Alexander couldn’t believe how good she felt. He had never felt so much pleasure with any of the other women he had slept with over the years.
Olivia wrapped her legs around his waist again, not wanting any distance between them. Legs and arms were entwined, hands caressing, nipping, pinching.
“You feel so good, Olivia,” Alexander said as he moved inside her, filling her to the brim. “Do I make you feel good?” he asked.
“Yes, Alexander… Yes.”
Her soft voice sent shivers through his body as her hands clutched onto his back, nails digging in. He pressed his lips back against hers, forcing them open with his tongue. There was something about kissing Olivia as he moved inside her that overwhelmed his entire being, igniting feelings he had repressed his entire life. He picked up speed, a tingling sensation coursing through his body and he knew he was close. Burying his head against her neck, he gently nibbled, loving the taste of Olivia’s sweaty skin.
Her breathing became more erratic and Alexander felt Olivia’s body begin to tighten around him. “Again?” he asked, pulling back, his eyes searing down into hers.
She simply nodded, her voice nowhere to be found. Alexander pulled out.
“NO! Not again!” Olivia screamed, panting.
“I need to hear you say it, Love. Tell me you’re going to come again,” he said, ready to explode at any moment, his breathing labored. “Say I drive you wild when I’m inside you. Tell me I’m the only one who’s ever made you feel this good.”
Olivia tried to catch her breath. She had never come like that before and she was about to come again. She didn’t know what to make of it.
“Damn it, Olivia. Just say it.” He needed to hear it. He needed to know that he alone could make her feel that good.
“Yes. You’re the only one, Alexander,” she replied, her heart racing. “I’ve never had an orgasm like that in my life. Now, please. I want another one.”
He leaned down and feathered kisses across her neck. “Ask me.”
Olivia flashed back to the night they met. She knew exactly what he wanted. Smiling, she ran her fingers up and down his back. She felt him harden against her. “Please, Mr. Burnham. Let me come again.”
“Fuck!” Alexander said, slamming into her, her sweet voice uttering those words sending him over the edge in just a few thrusts. Olivia felt him release inside her and came undone around him, her orgasm never seeming to end while the aftereffects ravaged her body for several long minutes.
“Holy shit,” she said, finally able to find her voice as she listened to Alexander’s heavy breathing.
“You are fucking incredible, Olivia,” he said, nuzzling her neck. Of all the women he had ever slept with, he never felt as full and complete as he did in that moment. And he hoped Olivia felt the same way. He rolled over onto his side and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his body.
They laid there, their bodies covered with sweat, not wanting to put any distance between each other.
Olivia had a dreamless sleep for once. She woke up in the middle of the night when she felt something poking her. Or someone. She turned her body to face the man lying next to her.