A Beautiful Mess
Page 59

 T.K. Leigh

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“Sorry, Love. Sometimes that thing has a mind of its own.”
Olivia giggled.
Alexander pulled her mouth to his, kissing her deeply. “I love that sound.”
She kissed him deeper and felt his erection harden.
“Olivia, get on top of me,” Alexander ordered.
She obeyed, coaxing him onto his back and straddling his midsection. She leaned into his neck, her hips circling his arousal, whispering in his ear, “What should we do about that, Mr. Burnham?” She pulled back, looking deep into his eyes as she continued her relentless teasing.
He grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her lips back down to his mouth. Kissing Olivia was unlike anything he had ever experienced in his thirty years.
After an impassioned kiss, Olivia leaned back, raising herself over Alexander, and slowly took him inside her. The feeling was even more intense than it was before as he filled her to the brim. She wasn’t going to last long, already starting to feel that tingling sensation all the way down to her feet.
Alexander started to guide her up and down, over and over. Olivia stared deep into his eyes, knowing that he had total control of her body. And for the first time she could remember, she was okay with that. Alexander gazed at the woman on top of him, her ample chest moving with the motion of her body. He was so deep in her. When he felt her body clench around him, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He pumped harder, growling her name as he came undone inside of her. Olivia’s body shuddered around him. Leaning down, she bit his neck to muffle her screams of pleasure.
As their breathing slowed, Olivia looked deep into his eyes. “I had no idea sex could be like that.”
He brought his arms around her, pulling her off him and onto her side, her arm draped across his torso, and planted several kisses on her forehead gleaming with perspiration.
He thought to himself, “That’s because it’s love.”
Olivia awoke the following morning, shielding her eyes from the brightness of the sun. She looked at the man lying next to her, amazed that he could sleep so well with all the sunlight in the room. She quietly got out of the bed and went into Alexander’s closet in search of a tee shirt and shorts to put on. She opened the door, walking into a closet any woman would be jealous of. Alexander had a thing for clothes, apparently. She found a chest of drawers against one wall and grabbed a pair of Navy shorts and a Harvard tee shirt that were both enormous on her, but she didn’t care.
When she was dressed, Olivia made her way to the bathroom. After cleaning up a bit, she quietly left the master bedroom and walked down the stairs to the main floor. Runner attacked her, wanting to play and probably go outside. She put on his collar and found a pair of oversized flip-flops that would have to do for the moment. Grabbing his leash, she left the penthouse to take Runner for a walk.
She got down to the street below and walked around the block toward the water, allowing Runner to sniff and mark his territory as they went. After Runner had done his business, Olivia decided to head back to Alexander’s place before he realized she was gone.
Back in the penthouse, Alexander woke up, feeling the bed next to him and reaching for Olivia, only to find her side empty. He quickly threw on a pair of shorts and went looking for her. After a search of his place turned up empty-handed, he started to panic. What if she decided to run?
He grabbed his cell phone and frantically dialed her number. He heard her phone ringing. She had left her purse on the kitchen island. Damn it! How could she be so careless? He ran out of his apartment, fervently pressing the elevator call button, phoning Martin to help him find her. What if something had happened to her?
The elevator finally arrived after what had seemed like an eternity. After a painfully slow ride, he arrived on the bottom floor and ran out onto the street. Glancing up and down the street, he searched for his Olivia, his heart racing.
At that moment, Olivia rounded the corner, making her way back to Alexander’s building with Runner. Alexander’s heart dropped when he finally saw her. He rushed to her, his eyes wide with worry, and pulled her into a desperate kiss.
“Oh, Olivia. Thank God,” he breathed a sigh of relief as he held onto her tightly.
“Hey, hey. What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Olivia pulled out of his embrace and looked into his eyes before he wrapped his arms around her again, stroking her hair.
“I’m sorry. I woke up and you weren’t there and then I couldn’t find you. I was so worried something had happened. I thought you were taken from me again.”
Olivia tilted her head back and looked at him, confused, her forehead wrinkled.
“Again? What do you mean by that?”
Alexander’s heart started to beat rapidly. He thought his chest was going to explode. “Well, I mean with last week,” he floundered nervously. “I just felt that you were taken from me then.”
Olivia looked at him and, after a few intense moments, said, “Okay. I’m sorry I left. I saw Runner and figured he’d want to go out. I didn’t mean to worry you.” She looked down at her feet.
“Hey, look at me.” Alexander grabbed her chin, gently leaning it back so he could see into her eyes. “I’m the one who’s sorry. I didn’t mean to overreact.”
The elevator door opened and Martin ran out, slowing down when he eyed his boss. “Everything ok then, sir?” he asked Alexander.
“Yes. Sorry, Martin.”
“Not at all.” He turned and went back into the elevator.
“Does he live here or something?” Olivia asked.
Alexander ran his hand through his disheveled hair. “Yeah. He has a condo in the building just a few floors below me. I need to make sure he’s close by, just in case. That’s why I pay him very good money. Why don’t we go back upstairs and have some breakfast?”
“Sounds good to me,” Olivia replied, grasping his hand in hers.
Back in the penthouse, Alexander prepared Runner’s breakfast before turning to Olivia. “Hungry?”
She wrapped her arms around his waist. “For you,” she whispered in his ear.
Alexander leaned down, kissing her neck as he slipped his hand under the bottom of the shirt she was wearing, placing it on the small of her back. The gesture sent tremors through her body. She yearned for his touch.
“You look good in my clothes,” Alexander said. “But you could make a paper sack look good, Love.”
Olivia brought her mouth to his and kissed him, grasping his hair.