Gorgeous Chaos
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 T.K. Leigh

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She was so engrossed in her daydreaming that she had lost track of the time. “Shit!” she exclaimed when she looked at the clock, finally snapping out of her thoughts, realizing that she was late for a circuit training class she was supposed to teach. “Crap. Crap. Crap,” she muttered under her breath as she ran down the hall and into the studio.
“Sorry I’m late, y’all.” She smiled at her waiting class, making her way over to the sound system. “Okay. Let’s get to work.” She returned to the center of the room once the music began blaring. “Warm up time. Let’s start with some arm crosses.” She exhaled deeply as she began to lead her class, clearing her mind of everything as best she could…everything except for Alexander Burnham.
Over the next half-hour, she worked her class pretty hard, leading them through three circuits. As she began the last exercise in the third circuit, she heard the door to the studio open and close. She ignored it and focused on finishing her class.
“Just five more, guys. Almost there. Do not quit on me.” The class began to groan as she pushed on through bicycle crunches, doing them alongside everyone. “Last one…and done!”
She laughed when she heard sighs of relief from all around her. “Great job. Now let’s cool down. Everyone go to sitting position.” She sat up and pulled her legs wide, looking up. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Alexander standing in the back of her studio, wearing an olive green t-shirt with camouflage cargo pants and boots.
She blushed, having trouble concealing her smile and excitement. He looked hot. She had never seen him in his fatigues before and she was so incredibly turned on.
She finally snapped back to the present when she realized she had her class in the same stretch position for far too long. Hiding her distraction, she finished leading her students through their cool down stretch rather quickly. “Thanks, guys. Keep it up.” She dismissed her class and grabbed a towel, dabbing the sweat off her body. She felt rather exposed wearing only her sports bra and a pair of gym shorts. She silently wished that she had grabbed a t-shirt to throw on.
“Olivia, love. I’ve missed you.” Alexander pulled her into his arms.
She tried to push him away. “Stop. I stink. I’m all hot and sweaty.”
“I like it when you’re hot and sweaty.” He leaned down, kissing her neck.
She stopped trying to fight him and relaxed in his arms, breathing in the heavenly aroma she had missed the past few days. “You smell delicious. Like rugged man.” Their eyes met. “I like this look on you. It’s fucking hot.”
“Come, let’s get you all cleaned up.” Alexander grabbed her hand, leading her out of the studio and into her office. “Do you have any more classes to teach today?” he asked, walking over to her refrigerator and grabbing a water bottle. He loosened the cap and handed it to her.
She sat down at her desk and glanced at her daily schedule. “Nope. Free and clear for the rest of the day. We have a lot of new staff so, thankfully, I’m not needed as much. I have a wedding to plan after all.” She winked, taking a sip from the bottle.
Alexander stared down at her, his eyes hooded.
“You’re back sooner than expected,” she said, breaking the growing tension in the room. His proximity still overwhelmed her on occasion, her heart racing with the look he was giving her, almost like an animal stalking his prey…prey that anxiously wanted to be caught. “Not that I mind. I’m thrilled but, when we spoke last night, it sounded like you wouldn’t be home for a while,” she rambled.
“Yes.” He softened his gaze slightly. “The training exercise is still going on right now, but I’d hate for you to think that I don’t value our time together. I will not be one of those husbands that puts their work ahead of their wives. You have a gig tonight so I came home. I do need to fly back out tomorrow morning, though.”
Olivia shot out of her chair and rushed through her office, packing up all of her things.
“What are you doing?” His voice had a hint of amusement in it.
“I want you to take me home, Alex. I haven’t felt your body on mine since Sunday. I need to feel you inside me before I have to meet the girls at MacFadden’s.”
A sly grin spread across his face as he watched her bend over and kneel on the floor to unplug her laptop charger. She glanced over her shoulder, feeling his eyes surveying her body. “See something you like?” She smirked, their eyes meeting.
His smile grew wider and he nodded slowly.
“Good.” She quickly raised herself off the ground and placed her things in her commuter bag. Alexander took the bag from her and practically ran down the hallway and out of the wellness center, dragging Olivia behind him. He punched the elevator call button repeatedly, praying for the car to arrive as soon as humanly possible.
He pulled her body against his, her back to his front. “Do you feel me?” He brushed her hair to the side, exposing her neck. He traced his tongue across her smooth skin. “Even after a workout, you smell amazing, love.”
The sensation of Alexander’s mouth on her skin after being absent for so long made Olivia’s body tingle with anticipation. “Alex,” she exhaled breathlessly.
“Yes, Olivia.” He gently nibbled on her earlobe.
“Take me to your office.”
She felt a smile creep across his face as he leaned forward and pressed the up elevator call button.
“And what do you want to do there?” he asked coyly as his hands roamed her body.
She spun around, her eyes blazing into his. “I’m pretty sure you know what I want to do, Alex,” she said, leaning in and whispering against his neck, “But in case you want to know in greater detail, I want you to fuck me. I want it fast. And I want it hard.” She pulled back. His eyes were wide. “Are you game?”
He grabbed her hair, tilting her head back. “Olivia, I love your dirty mouth.”
The elevator finally sounded, announcing its arrival and they were whisked nine stories up to Alexander’s office. When the doors opened, he grabbed her hand, practically running through the reception area.
“Mr. Burnham.” His secretary jumped, apparently nervous that her boss had unexpectedly shown up. “I didn’t think you would be here today.”
Alexander punched his code into the door. “Pretend I’m not even here. I won’t be long,” he snapped just as the door opened, pulling Olivia through a hallway she had become so accustomed to walking down over the past several months.