Gorgeous Chaos
Page 17

 T.K. Leigh

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“Do you think she knows?” Olivia asked.
Alexander turned to face her, punching his code into the office door. “I think we made it pretty obvious when we ran down the hallway like a couple of horny teenagers.” His eyes sparkled with amusement.
Olivia blushed as the door buzzed, allowing them access to his office. She rushed to his enormous bathroom and turned on the shower.
“In the shower, Miss Adler?” Alexander asked.
“Yes. I stink.” She began stripping out of her gym clothes.
Alexander’s breath caught at the sight of Olivia standing naked in front of him.
“Olivia,” he growled, pulling her body into his. “I don’t care if you just finished teaching your class. I plan on fucking you right now. The shower can wait.”
Her body came alive with hunger as she watched him lean down and turn off the water.
“I’ve been dreaming about the day I could see you sprawled out beneath me on my desk. Now, go stand there. Face the windows. Don’t you dare turn around.”
She stared into his deep green eyes, unable to make a sound.
“Olivia, love, did you hear me?”
She simply nodded, her mind a daze as she walked out of the bathroom toward his desk, the room bright from the sunlight streaming in. She faced the windows, looking at the bustling city all those stories below. Her breathing increased as she continued standing there, waiting. The anticipation was killing her. It always did, and he knew that.
After what seemed like an eternity, she sensed him behind her. “It’s about fucking time, Alex,” she said. “I’m going crazy over here.”
He wrapped his arm around her stomach and pulled her against his naked body. She gasped at the feel of his erection on her back.
“Do you feel what you do to me, love?” he asked softly. “All week, all I could think of was the next time I could be balls deep in that perfect pussy of yours.” His hand traveled down her stomach, slowly making its way to her clit. “Did you miss my cock as much as I missed your pussy, Olivia?” he asked as he slowly began rubbing her.
She threw her head back against his chest, moaning with pleasure. “Yes,” she exhaled. “Please. I need to feel you inside me, Alexander.”
He quickly spun her around to face him. She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his face down to hers. “I missed you so much, so will you please fuck me already?” she breathed into his mouth before pressing her lips against his.
He groaned, running his hands all over her body. He tore his lips away from her mouth, panting after the sudden invasion of her sweet tongue. “I will never tire of kissing you. Every kiss feels like our first kiss. Do you remember that?”
She stood up on her tiptoes and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. “How could I forget? You pinned me against my door.”
He brushed his fingers against her lips. She closed her eyes in response, remembering their first kiss. He was right. Every kiss felt the same. Every kiss forced the same reaction from her body. Every kiss ignited sparks deep within.
“Olivia,” he whispered.
“Yes,” she exhaled.
“I want to watch.”
She flung her eyes open, not understanding what he was talking about. His hands roamed her body again as he feathered kisses against her soft skin. “Last night, angel. On the phone. I want to watch you touch yourself.” She closed her eyes, relishing in the feeling of his hands on her body. “Please, love. For me.”
Her heart melted at his gentle plea. She would do anything for him if it made him happy. Pulling back, she smiled. “Okay.”
Alexander’s eyes grew wide in surprise before he crushed his lips to hers once more, moaning into her mouth as he slowly walked her back to the desk, carefully lowering her on top of it. He hovered over her, kissing her neck before exploring the rest of her body with his tongue. Grabbing her hand in his, he slowly moved it down her stomach, spreading her legs as she lay on the dark mahogany.
He guided her hand over her clit, rubbing with her, his hand on top of hers. Nuzzling against her, he dragged his tongue across her neck. “I’m going to remove my hand now, Olivia,” he said rather calmly. “I’m going to sit in the chair in the corner and watch as you make yourself come. Okay?”
Olivia moaned, entirely lost in the moment. She never thought she could be so turned on from her hand alone, but the fact that Alexander was watching as she pleasured herself set her body on fire with each stroke.
Alexander slowly walked away, sitting down in a chair a few feet away from the desk, never taking his eyes off her. “Spread your legs wider, Olivia,” he ordered. “I want to see how wet you are.”
She immediately obeyed his command, forcing her legs further apart as she continued toying with her clit. Why did it feel so good?
“Alex, I don’t know how much longer I can do this,” she said, her breathing becoming ragged.
“Does it turn you on that I’m sitting over here watching you, Olivia?” he asked.
“Yes,” she answered quickly.
“Good. Look at me,” he said. She opened her eyes and glanced at him over her legs. He was stroking himself. A smile spread across her face. “Well, I couldn’t let you have all the fun,” he explained. “Now, don’t you dare stop. I want to see you come.”
“Damn it, Alex!” Olivia shouted, lying back down on the desk. “I just want to feel you inside of me,” she exhaled. “Stop teasing me like this.”
“I’m not the one teasing, Olivia. You’re doing that all by yourself,” he replied. “And it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire fucking life so don’t you even think about stopping.”
Olivia moaned as she returned her fingers to her clit.
“That’s my girl,” Alexander murmured, watching the woman he loved touch herself as he continued stroking his own erection. He was ready to explode and was trying to hold back, not wanting to come before she did. Standing up, he walked over to the desk and watched as she continued rubbing. “Olivia,” he said quietly. “I’m going to come soon. Are you?”
She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, nodding fervently. “Yes.” She couldn’t believe that she was ready to fall apart so quickly from her own fingers.
“Good. I want you to come and then I’m going to fuck you. Okay?” He ran his hand across her stomach, stopping at her nipple, and squeezed.