Hanna is a victim. Of what she doesn't know. Waking in the trunk of a moving car in tattered clothes, she can only assume the worst. Taken to her father's Tudor Mansion she learns of his treachery and of the monster he holds captive inside of himself. Discovering who her parents really were means finding answers about herself, answers she never imagined possible. Hiding in the shadows of her father's past, she meets the man who can save her body but the cost is her soul and lives are lost.

In a dark and seedy blood bar known for blood drugging humans, Aleksander finds a weak and dying Giselle, who has word of Alise. Even his bruised and battered heart is taken by Giselle's sweet and simple nature, as he fights to save her. Will he give up his life to save them all?

The Roses again find themselves in a battle against their own kind.

Chapter List (47 chapters)