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The old house at the end of the haunted street seems emptier with the people missing and the lives lost.
Sam thinks he has Hanna all to himself now but The Roses have other plans.

Ari and Aimee struggle to cope with the changes they've suffered through, the newest one being Giselle. She is thrust into the role of Vampire Royalty and with it come certain obligations and limitations.

None of them really have much time to feel sorry for themselves and the deaths of their loved ones. An ancient bloodline, tracing as far back as Adam and Lillith, is discovered with an heir to the power living closer than they thought.

Enter the young and confused Ophelia, who has no idea of the power she has or the role she plays in it all.

Time is running out for the Roses.

The Devil's Roses

Mature Readers Recommended

Chapter List (42 chapters)