Six years after he had walked out on his wife and kids, Grant was freshly single again and looking to reconcile with Bethanne Hamlin. To forgive the betrayal was one thing, she did that for herself. To forget was something that she didn’t think she could ever do and she wasn’t sure if she could ever trust him again either. Being willing to at least think about it for the sake of the grown kids, herself, him, she wasn’t sure, but think about it she was. Hearing that her ex-mother-in-law was planning a road trip across the country to her 50th class reunion in Florida was the perfect excuse to get away and do that thinking. With the addition of her daughter Annie, Ruth and Bethanne set out to see America. Even though Ruth had made plans, the addition of Annie added spontaneity to the group, taking them off the plotted course early in the trip. Helping out in a diner for an old friend of Ruth’s was the fist of may changes to come. Then they have trouble with the rental car with only one source of help, and that coming from a group of motorcycle riders they met at the diner. Offering a ride to the nearest town was the best way for Max to help, but the connection they found while offering confessions may make some decisions more difficult.

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